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When you're making a dream come true like homeownership, it requires surrounding yourself with a great team of professionals. Your home inspection company is a big part of that extended team. At Delmarva Inspections Group, we take most of the risks when purchasing a home. You'll want a home inspection expert that's experienced and uses the latest technologies — Ed Dee, our Inspections Manager, and Co-founder has over 5000 completed inspections to date. Real estate agents, brokers, sellers, buyers, and business owners rely on Delmarva Inspection Group for all their inspection needs. We're InterNACHI® inspectors, certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Delmarva Inspections Group for all your home inspections, Lewes, Delaware.

Empowering Home Buyers With A Detailed Inspection Report

Most people would agree that a house purchase is going to be the most significant purchase someone will make in their lifetime. Making sure the purchase is without regrets is critical. Once the purchase agreement is signed, it's the buyer's responsibility to obtain a home inspection report. An inspection report can't predict future conditions, nor can it reveal every issue that exists. But what it does do for the buyer is it provides facts concerning the condition of the home so that the buyer can make an informed home-buying decision. It will also give the seller a list of necessary repairs and defects; in most cases, they're minor.  With that said, there are times when repairs are more than expected, and that's why you want an experienced inspection company.

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Sellers - It's Wise to Order An Inspection Report

It's not unusual for a seller to order a report before their home is listed. A home seller that pulls a report is smart because it keeps them informed. The advanced report allows the seller to address problems ahead of time, and before possible buyers discover them. It gives the seller time to make fixes and shop for reasonable repair estimates. Having a home inspection report in hand also shows good faith to a potential buyer. Having an inspection report could also avoid last-minute delays when closing on the home.  

The Report Is In An Easy-To-Read Format

At Delmarva Inspections Group, we will inspect the exterior of the home, as well as any visible, accessible interior segment. Your report is very comprehensive yet very easy to read and understand. The report will also provide material defects that are discovered, replacements repairs, and other items that need monitoring. Our job is complete when our client fully understands the report provided. Delmarva Inspections Group, for all your home inspections, Lewes, Delaware. 

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