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For a top-notch building inspector in Delaware, you can trust Delmarva Building Inspections. You will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of structural anomalies and construction flaws whenever you use our services. So, are you prepared to confidently rent, purchase, lease or sell a commercial property? We have you protected with the most thorough building inspections, providing you with the knowledge to make wise decisions. When you need a building inspector in Delaware, the team at Delmarva Building Inspections is ready on short notice.

Delaware Licensed, Certified COMMERCIAL Building INSPECTORS #H4-0010181

Each Building Inspector Is Dedicated To Finding The Appropriate Solutions

Each commercial building inspector in our group is extremely skilled and licensed, prepared to examine any commercial facility, including high rises, factories, offices, multifamily dwellings, retail malls, and other commercial buildings. After our examination, your report is typically ready for review 24 hours later. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the answers you require. Therefore, give us a call to receive the value and services you deserve from a qualified building inspector.

Your Property Inspection Findings Will Provide Your Clients With The Assurance And Peace Of Mind

We want to give you and your customers the assurance you need when selling or buying a business structure, especially if you're a commercial property agency. This assurance always comes from the information your property inspection reveals. The building inspection report will provide owners the peace of mind they need, regardless of whether we discover areas of neglect or a facility in outstanding condition. Additionally, we provide our clients with all the favorable and unfavorable physical characteristics of any commercial construction.

Moreover, we know from experience that many building owners require a building inspection immediately. So we want to fulfill that requirement with the promptness, precision, and expertise you would expect from a premier building inspection service.

How Will Your Building Inspector Move Around Your Structure?

Every endeavor begins with a plan. We know that failing to plan is a recipe for failure. Planning begins as soon as we make our first contact and continues until the inspection is over and the customer has their report in hand. Each business property inspection gets tailored to the requirements. So, for this reason, you'll only pay for what is requested. After speaking with the property owners or property management team, we develop a strategy for your building inspector.

Licensed, Certified Commercial Building Inspector in Delaware

Ever heard the saying, "Education is the key to unlocking all the doors of the unknown?" Building inspections are all about revealing the unknown of any building. We have a staff of building inspectors that is unsurpassed in the business and has the qualifications to distinguish ourselves from the competition.

  • Maryland State Contractor License #79009
  • Delaware State Contractor License #2016600660
  • Maryland State Residential Home Inspector #33884 
  • Delaware State Residential Home Inspector #H4-0010181
  • FAA Certified Unmanned Aerial System Pilot) 10387655 - 20220831-00677
  • Certified Private Pilot with Instrument Rating 
  • OSHA HAZWOPER #183328 
  • IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technician
  • InterNACHI Certified Professional Building Inspector (CPI), NACHI 61092825, 
  • FAA Part 107 Certificate
  • Certified Supervisor For EPA AHERA (Asbestos Abatement)
  • Maryland Certified Mold Inspector
  • Delaware Certified Mold Inspector 

Testing for

We do thorough radon inspections to help detect and reduce any possible dangers from this radioactive gas. A naturally occurring gas called radon is created when uranium breaks down in water, rock, and soil because it has no taste or smell and is undetectable without specialized equipment. Learn More


Overall, a termite and wood-destroying insect examination may offer several advantages to house and property owners. First, early infestation detection may safeguard a property's value and perhaps save a homeowner significantly in restoration expenditures. Learn More

Water Quality

Did you know that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) rules protecting public drinking water systems do not apply to privately owned wells? The landowners must, however, ensure freshwater is fit for human consumption. Request a water quality inspection specialist from Delmarva Building Inspections. Learn More

Sewer Line

When you need a  sewer line inspection, you can rely on one of our top inspection experts. Are you prepared to sell your residential or commercial property? You'll likely want to ensure that every part of your property is in excellent condition. Ordering a sewage line inspection is the best approach for property owners to impress a potential buyer. Learn More 


When selling real estate, a licensed broker or private seller must overcome a number of challenges. Obtaining high-quality images and video is one of the most difficult problems. Fortunately, collecting high-quality aerial footage has become easier with the introduction of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).  Learn More

Lead Hazard

All commercial and residential real estate inspections should include a lead-based paint inspection from Delmarva Building Inspections. We are professional, licensed commercial building inspectors who understand all pertinent local, state, and federal laws and certification criteria.  Learn More


Do you want to buy, sell, or rent a new building? Then it's time to order a mold inspection today. When evaluating a building, a mold inspection should be at the top of the list. However, in most cases, it has to be requested as part of the inspection. Learn More


As certified thermal imaging experts, we're ready to raise the bar for your building inspections. Thermal imaging plays an important role in a range of sectors, including electrical and plumbing inspections, medical imaging, and military and law enforcement applications . Learn More

Licenses & Certifications

Evaluating All Important Building Components

Our inspections include evaluating all important building components to ascertain their current condition and any potential repairs. A basic property inspection includes assessments of the following components.

Property features include landscaping, the parking lot, utilities, plumbing system, drywall, insulation, framing, roofing, heating, and cooling—additionally, outside fixtures and components and general terrain. Also, your property inspection will include parking spaces for ADA Compliance, internal doors, and windows. 

The information above is a rough overview of what we look for, but we will tailor your building inspection to meet your needs. As a result, you only pay for what is requested, saving you money on unnecessary inspection charges. For instance, some structures require a roof inspection, while others may also need a termite and lead assessment. Once more, our commercial building inspectors will accurately provide our clients an estimate before work begins. 

Choosing A Commercial Building Inspector Is A Smart Move

Hiring a commercial property inspector is imperative to save money and make a sensible investment. Whether you're the building owner, leasing agency, lender, property manager, or tenant, a commercial property inspection can provide a complete and accurate assessment of your facility so the right choices can be made. As a result, your building inspection can help you maximize your investment, cut down on risk, and get the best loan terms possible. Additionally, because of their comprehensive training and wide range of skills, building inspectors can assess the advantages and disadvantages of any commercial property.

Who We Serve:

We have extensive expertise in the field of commercial property inspections. Call us immediately if you have any questions about having your commercial property inspected, and we'll provide you with the information you need.

We Examine:

  • Industrial and commercial buildings 
  • Tilt-up and office buildings
  • Apartments and trailer parks
  • Shopping centers and strip malls
  • Hotels and eateries
  • Churches and other places of worship
  • Schools, universities, and daycare facilities
  • Assisted-living residence
  • Warehousing and storage


What Will My Commercial Inspection Cost?

There are never two identical inspections. Due to the differences in age and environmental exposure, every building inspection calls for a unique strategy. In addition, your business inspection focus is on the actual demands of your facility, unlike residential inspections, which are often estimated based on square footage. For instance, each business property inspection gets tailored to your preferences and requirements. In this manner, you only pay for what you need.

A Commercial Property Inspection Is Wise For Both The Leasee and Leasor 

Do you intend to sign a long-term lease? A lease inspection may benefit the lessee and the lessor. In addition, a pre-lease examination by a third party provides various advantages for the lessee. First, you should ensure that components, including the faucets, fixtures, water heater, electrical, and plumbing, are operational and suitable for the intended purpose.

By being informed of the property's condition and its components before taking possession, the lessee may protect you from liability for existing faults or early component failure.

The Leasor Also Has Its Benefits

The lessor can also profit from a pre-lease examination by a third party. The property should be in a baseline condition before leasing so that owners may recover costs for damage caused while the tenants occupy the property. In addition, owners can set and monitor the maintenance standards demanded of renters using a property assessment.

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So whenever you need a commercial building inspector, contact Delmarva Building Inspections professionals. We'll provide you with an accurate, thorough report on any commercial building inspection that will satisfy any client's expectations. 

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