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Delmarva Building Inspections can accurately evaluate your business property in Harford County, Maryland. You'll benefit from our deep knowledge of structural abnormalities, construction faults, and other potential issues when you use our services. Are you prepared to confidently rent, purchase, lease, or sell a commercial property? Our commercial building inspector will protect your interests by conducting a comprehensive assessment and provide you with the knowledge necessary to make educated decisions regarding your property. In addition, your commercial building inspector is available on short notice.

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Our Team Is Prepared To Inspect Any Building, Including High Rises And Retail Complexes

We're a team of highly skilled commercial building inspectors in Harford County, Maryland, and we're licensed, bonded, and insured. We're prepared to inspect any business facility, including high-rises, factories, offices, multi-family residences, and retail complexes. Your report is typically ready for review 24 hours following our evaluation. Our team is dedicated to helping you locate the information you want. So call us to obtain the value and services you require from a professional Harford County, Maryland, commercial building inspector.

The Findings Of Your Commercial Building Inspection Will Provide Your Clients With Confidence And Tranquility

When selling or acquiring a business building, we want to give you and your customer the peace of mind you need, especially if you are a commercial property real estate company. Whether we identify neglected areas of a facility that was thought to be in good shape or find minor problems in an older building,  your inspection report will reassure you that you took all the necessary steps. We also provide our clients with the good and bad of the physical components of any building.

In addition, we know from experience that some property owners demand an evaluation immediately. Nonetheless, we strive to meet the standards of promptness, precision, and expertise you expect from a premier building inspection service.

Here Is How Your Commercial Building Inspector Will Navigate Your Building?

Every undertaking begins with a strategy. Everyone is aware that failure to plan is planning to fail. The planning process begins upon initial contact and concludes when the client receives the final report. Every commercial examination is tailored to the customer's specifications. The property owner will only pay for the inspection services they require. We develop a strategy for the building inspector or inspectors following a consultation with the property owners or property management team.

We Strive To Be Maryland's Leading Commercial Building Inspection Company?

Commercial building inspections revolve around the proverb, "Education is the key to unlocking all the doors to the unknown." The primary purpose of a building inspection is to uncover undiscovered aspects of a building. Our commercial building inspectors in Harford County, Maryland, are the most qualified in the market, and our qualifications distinguish us from the competition.

  1. Maryland State Contractor License #79009
  2. Delaware State Contractor License #2016600660
  3. InterNACHI Certified Professional Building Inspector (CPI), NACHI 61092825
  4. FAA Part 107 Certificate
  5. Delaware Certified Mold Inspector
  6. Maryland Certified Mold Inspector
  7. Maryland State Residential Home Inspector #33884
  8. Delaware State Residential Home Inspector #H4-0010181
  9. Certified Private Pilot with Instrument Rating
  10. Certified Supervisor For EPA AHERA (Asbestos Abatement)
  12. FAA Certified Unmanned Aerial System Pilot) 10387655 - 20220831-00677
  13. IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technician,
  14. OSHA HAZWOPER #183328
  15. EPA LEAD SAFE FIRM NAT-F172/84-2

Testing for

The uranium decay cycle produces radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas. It is an inert gas with no flavor, color, or smell that could easily infiltrate through fractures in the building's foundation and other openings. It can also enter your house with other soil gases through cracks in the ground. Learn More


We visually assess a structure's components that are easily accessible and offer crucial details about the state of the building. The inspection report will document your structure's presence of organisms and pests that damage wood. Learn More

Water Quality

Testing for undesired substances in your business' water involves looking for pesticides, lead, mercury, atrazine, and arsenic. Our water quality specialists are usually informed in advance about these toxins, especially if they are an issue in your area. Learn More

Sewer Line

A sewer scope camera examination of the lateral sewage pipe linking your home to your city's main line or a septic tank is carried out, often at or near the foundation of your property. Lateral sewer system issues can be found and identified via sewage camera inspections. Learn More


Drones are increasingly utilized to quickly, safely, and accurately scan roofs while reducing the expense of calculating or measuring the rooftops. This makes it feasible to obtain useful data that, depending on the business, you may use in a variety of ways. Learn More

Lead Hazard

An on-site inspection, risk assessment, and clearance inspection is completed upon request to determine the existence or amount of lead-based paint or lead hazards in a public building. Learn More


Before you buy, sell, or rent commercial property, do your due diligence and attain a professional mold inspection. Professional mold inspection services can help you identify the source of the mold and develop a plan to remove it safely.  Learn More


Thermal imaging technology has undergone significant progress. With the integration of high-resolution cameras proficient in detecting even the smallest temperature variations and real-time image analysis software, it has emerged as a crucial tool in various industries. Learn More

Licenses & Certifications

Hire A Commercial Building Inspector in Harford County, Maryland

By arranging a pre-lease building inspection, the lessor may secure their property and have peace of mind that the building is in good order. Whether you're the building owner, lender, lessor, property manager, or tenant,  a commercial property inspection will provide you with a comprehensive and accurate property assessment to assist you in making the best decisions. Consequently, a building inspection may assist you in obtaining the best lending conditions, optimizing your investment, and minimizing risk. In addition, your building inspector can assist you in determining the advantages and disadvantages of any commercial property by producing an accurate report.

How Much Does A Commercial Building Inspection Cost?

No two inspections are identical. Due to structure variances, age, and environmental exposure, each building inspection requires a unique strategy. In addition, unlike residential inspections, where estimates usually get based on square footage, your commercial inspection focuses on certain building sections. Each commercial property inspection, for example, is tailored to the demands of the property being inspected.

Both The Lessee And The Lessor Should Conduct A Commercial Property Inspection

Have you considered signing a long-term lease? A pre-lease examination will benefit both the lessee and the lessor. A third-party pre-lease inspection provides the lessee with several advantages. First, it will guarantee that all components, including plumbing and electrical, are working for the intended purpose. Before taking possession, if the lessee is aware of the property's condition and its components, they may be exempt from liability for preexisting faults or early component failure.

The Lessor Will Also Enjoys The Benefits

The lessor also benefits from a pre-lease inspection. Prior to leasing, the building must be in baseline condition so owners may recoup costs associated with damage caused by tenants. In addition, owners can use a property assessment to calculate and track the maintenance needs imposed on tenants.


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We Serve Industrial and Commercial Structures

We're a commercial property inspection expert, so if you have any concerns about your property inspection, please get in touch with us immediately. We will provide you with the requested information.

We examine the following structures:

  • Industrial and commercial structures
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  • There are office buildings, 
  • Mobile home parks.
  • Retail strip malls and enterprises
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Churches and other religious establishments
  • Schools, universities 
  • Daycare facilities
  • Senior housing facility
  • Storage and distribution centers

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